Police search for 2 men after Fresno FAX bus shooting

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A frightening fight on a FAX bus ended in gunfire.

"Two (men) starting picking on one at the rear of the bus, I guess beating him up pretty good, and then one of them pulled a gun," said Lt. Joe Gomez of the Fresno Police Dept.

Police have made one arrest, but the shooter and the man who was shot have avoided capture so far. The bus stopped after the shooting at Blackstone and Clinton in Central Fresno, just before noon. Police picked it up from there.

A basic bus ride took a scary turn Tuesday morning when three of the passengers turned the back of the bus into a danger zone.

"These two guys, I guess they were gangbangers," said a witness who was also sitting at the back of the bus. "They started fighting and then they were jumping him and then the guy pulled out a gun and he started shooting. I think he shot one of them."

Witnesses were too afraid to talk on camera, but they told us the gunfire came as quite a shock. The bus came to a quick stop and all three guys jumped off and ran. Passengers cleared out and police moved in. What they found seemed a little off: No victim, no blood, and no bullet.

"Inside the bus we can find no evidence of a shooting in there," said Lt. Gomez. "You know, the bullet has to go someplace."

A couple blocks away, officers found Collin Stowers just walking down the street. The 22-year-old is now charged with battery and a gang enhancement.

Police say surveillance video on the bus shows Stowers and another man launching the original attack. Their target pulled a gun and fired, just like the witnesses told us.

Police haven't identified the shooter or the man he may have shot, so they're offering a reward for help.

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