Racist graffiti found in Clovis High bathroom

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tougher security measures are now in place at Clovis High School as they investigate who's responsible for racist graffiti found in a bathroom on campus.

The offensive words and phrases were found on the wall inside a boys restroom and the inside of two restroom stalls -- and it's happened several times on several different days. A student Action News spoke with, who did not want to be on camera, says the taggings occurred in the C and D buildings. And he says school officials have started "sign in" sheets to keep track of who is going in and out of the bathrooms.

School officials say they've taken steps to increase supervision and security around school restrooms. They are also meeting with African-American students at the school to reassure them the issue is being taken seriously and unacceptable to the school. They also note that there have been no racially motivated fights or verbal altercations between students on campus.

Administrators say they believe it's just one person responsible for the writing.

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