Rallying behind injured Fresno Fire Captain Pete Dern

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- People across the country and in the Valley have been rallying behind injured Fresno Fire Captain Pete Dern.

Students at Saint Anthony's School got a special visit from Fresno City Firefighters. But it wasn't just for fun, it was for a greater cause, for injured Fire Captain Pete Dern, who fell through a burning building in April.

Dozens of students at the school were happy to donate a dollar or even more for the Dern family and learn about the firefighting profession.

Luke Orlando is a fourth grader and the organizer of the event. He said, "I came up with it because my uncle was there that day and all the firemen came over to my house and we were shocked and didn't know what was going on."

Orlando wants to be a firefighter and has spent a lot of time at the fire station with his uncle Frank Monterrosa and his friends. Monterrosa has known Dern for years and was happy to see so many support the veteran firefighter.

The young students and their families say Dern is on their minds and in their prayers.

Organizers hope this show of support will lift Dern's spirits as he continue his long road to recovery.

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