Rape survivors deliver petitions to remove Brock Turner judge

SAN FRANCISCO -- Former Stanford student Brock Turner is in the Santa Clara County jail serving six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. Many feel that sentence, which was handed down by Judge Aaron Persky, was far too lenient.

The emotional rally Wednesday was sad, gut-wrenching, and filled with personal stories from rape survivors. They very much wanted to talk to the Commission on Judicial Performance about their effort to remove Persky.

"The worst part of what I went through was having to tell my father," said rape survivor Rachael Graff through tears. "And have him beg me on the phone that this was a joke, when it wasn't."

"In my case, it was a college athlete who had a record of sexual abuse and predatory actions," said rape survivor Lynsey.

"I was abducted and raped by a stranger two years ago when I was walking home," said rape survivor Tuuli.

"Over the course of my high school career," said sexual assault survivor Ruby Elson. "I've known too many women who have been raped and my high school has refused to do anything."

Earlier this month, the activist group Ultraviolet turned in a million signatures to the state Commission on Judicial Performance.

On Wednesday, they brought 200,000 more names. They want Persky removed from the bench after he gave Turner six months in jail for sexual assault; a sentence they say is too lenient.

The commission was meeting in closed session Wednesday, the first time since they received the petition.

The group brought the flash drive with the new signatures to the commission's reception area.

Behind closed doors, the chanting of, "Fire Judge Persky," continued.

A few moments later they emerged, disappointed.

"Unfortunately, they did not interrupt the session of the commission," said Ultraviolet organizer Melissa Byrne. "So we weren't able to speak with the commissioners."

Brock Turner's sexual assault survivor has remained anonymous. The group says they'll speak for her. They'll be her voice.

Persky has declined to comment on the case. Legal analysts have said it would be inappropriate. But we do know that he was following a probation officer's recommendation.

And by the way, we spoke by phone to a commission executive who told me their proceedings are closed. So we won't know if they'll even look at the case unless they take action against Persky.
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