Reedley High School vandalized before rivalry game with Sanger

REEDLEY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A high school rivalry game turned ugly before it even started when vandals defaced the Reedley High School football field.

These two teams have a rivalry going back 102 years and they met once again, under the bright lights with the same passion. This time every play, every tackle and every touchdown was a little more personal.

Hours ago, the field was damaged. There was red spray paint on the pirates logo, some in the end zone, and the word Apaches on brand new turf.

It took all day to clean and principal Roberto Gutierrez says it'll cost the school thousands of dollars.

"It was a shock what happened, it was pretty bad."

Maria Gonzalez is a parent at Sanger High, the home of the Apaches, and she's not proud of what happened.

"They think of getting back at the school but for what."

Gonzalez's husband, Arnaldo feels the same way.

"I just feel bad because those things shouldn't happen, people have to realize that, they should have some respect."

Police say they have an idea of who might be responsible for the vandalism and they could be facing felony charges.
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