Reedley Middle College High School student in critical care after accident on campus

REEDLEY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The night was dark when some students drove down a small road along the north side of the Reedley College campus. Investigators said the pickup truck wasn't speeding and the driver wasn't being reckless, but an accident happened anyway.

"There was a student involved in the accident. What we know now is that she's in the intensive care unit at Community Regional Medical Center," said Renee Delport, Reedley College.

The teenager was the only person who got hurt. She's a student at Reedley Middle College High School, a Kings Canyon Unified school inside Reedley College.

Students there earn college credit while they finish up high school.

It is a tightknit campus and both the high school and the college offered psych services for any students or staff who needed help after hearing the devastating news.

"Sometimes, certainly when an event like this happens, people need someone to talk to," said Delport.

Investigators said no drugs or alcohol seem to be involved in the crash either, so they don't foresee any criminal charges in the case.
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