Roaches thriving in the drought

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The on-going drought has caused a boom in the bug population. You may have noticed more roaches out seeking water and a place to stay.

Pest control expert Bob Hill treated 42 homes on this day. The biggest complaint - roaches. Even with everyone trying to conserve water due to the drought your yard still offered plenty of hiding places.

Bob Hill of B & D Pest Control said, "The less watering we're doing so they're going to be hiding out in these areas - under landscape, under bark, under the tarps like I say may be under the flower bed."

The water drain is also a popular spot. From your yard the roaches like to scamper towards your home to get into the walls.

Kevin Johnson of Fresno said, "In my garage is the biggest part due to the fact there still cracks and crannies in there. That's usually where you'll get most of your bugs trying to get in out of the heat into the cooler area."

Hill said the drought has intensified the problem. He sprayed the entire perimeter of homes and paid close attention to possible entrance areas to eliminate the problem.

Bob said, "Once the roaches crawl across the chemical and they consume it, it takes 8-10 hours to get in to their central nervous system and kill them."

He often sees two varieties. The Turkish roach is a dark red and black color while the American roach is more of an orange, brown color. But they're both unwelcome visitors.

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