Saints and Sinners strip club in Lindsay won't be opening anytime soon

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A troubled strip club in Tulare County will not be able to open its doors any time soon.

The Tulare County Board of Supervisors continues to hear support for gentleman's club Saints and Sinners in Lindsay. Michael Atondo who does graphic design for the club addressed the board asking them to make a quick decision.

Atondo said, "A gentleman's club is not the most friendly type of business but it's a business nonetheless."

But the board won't be deciding for several more weeks on the club's fate. In 2014, the county auditor denied renewing the club's adult oriented business license. A report from the sheriff's office says the building wasn't up to standards and there were issues with operating procedures.

The club's owner Marilu Lopez is asking the county board to reverse the auditor's decision. Her supporters believe the county is trying to shut the club down.

Rick Rodriguez said, "They're gonna have to get their act together and hopefully realize it's just business like any other business."

Attorneys for both sides will present their case at an upcoming hearing including a witness from the sheriff's office who couldn't make Tuesday's meeting causing the continuance.

Steve Worthley, the District 4 supervisor, said, "I know our board is very anxious to get this matter heard there was a reluctance really to continue it again."

The board of supervisors will act like a courtroom when testimony is heard.

Worthley explained, "They'll be asked questions both by our county council and by the attorney representing the applicant."

The board may or may not make a decision that day but everyone hopes this will be resolved quickly.

The hearing is set for January 27th.

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