Scammers pretending to help fallen officers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police are calling it a criminal call. Scammers are pretending to help fallen officers to steal your hard earned cash.

Investigators say a thief is claiming to work for the Fresno Police Officers' Association. The caller says he's raising money on behalf of the organization to help fallen officers.

A spokesperson for FPOA says the agency does not call and solicit money from the public. The FPOA is warning people to be careful because the scammer sounds believable.

"One woman described him, his voice as being like a radio DJ. Very clear, very calm. He sounded professional. She said it sounded pretty legitimate," said officer Brian Rogers.

The Better Business Bureau investigates any scams where criminals pretend to do charity work for a profit. The BBB is advising people not to donate over the phone but to use website like to figure out whether the caller's claims are legitimate.

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