Script Life Pharmacy burglars in Clovis busted by 24 hour sleep center worker

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis police have arrested four people for an early morning burglary that was caught on camera. The break-in happened Thursday morning at the Script Life Pharmacy on Herndon and Villa. The burglars made a lot of noise that startled a worker inside a 24 hour sleep center next door.

Several different bottles of prescription drugs are what thieves got away with during a break-in at the pharmacy. Surveillance video shows three young men jumping over the countertops and grabbing everything they can in less than two minutes.

Sgt. Jim Koch with the Clovis Police Department said, "There was a vast variety of prescription medication. Everything from unfilled prescriptions meaning the commercial bottles the prescription comes in to prescriptions that were ready to be picked up by customers."

The business has security bars. But the burglars broke a smaller window facing Villa Avenue. A worker next door at the 24 hour sleep lab heard a commotion, and called police. Officers used the city's cameras to see the suspects in action. Investigators say the suspects wore hoodies to try to hide their identity. But they were caught down the street.

Sgt. Jim Koch added, "The dispatchers were able to get the information out immediately, officers were checking cameras and all of the information was provided in a very timely fashion and also having officers in the area was very beneficial."

The burglary is the fifth one in two years for the pharmacy. The owners have saved every rock used in the prior crimes, to document the break in. The store is filled with security cameras.

Under arrest for the crime, 22-year-old Nathaniel Martinez, 19-year-old Carlos Martinez, 18-year-old Alyssa Gonzales and a 17-year-old boy. Investigators are now trying to figure out if the pair could be linked to other pharmacy burglaries.

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