Several people shot by airsoft gun in Visalia

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a bizarre shooting investigation in Visalia. There have been three victims in three weeks. Police say all were shot with an airsoft gun. The suspect truck is now in police custody after a photo of it was tweeted out by investigators.

Visalia police say the incidents happened in the middle of the day. "They would definitely pick me out because I'm walking with two 6-year-olds," Daniel Dinatali said.

It's a case that has Dinatali concerned. He regularly walks along Mooney Boulevard with his twin boys. This is the same area police say an image was captured of a Toyota pickup truck. Investigators recovered the truck late Thursday, saying it's possibly connected to the three airsoft gun shootings. One of the shootings, they say, left a woman injured when she was hit in the face.

"These weapons can be modified to increase their velocity and can shoot different harder type projectiles," said Visalia Police Sgt. Damon Maurice. "We are taking this seriously before somebody becomes even further injured."

Police have not released the location of the other shootings or information about the other victims they say because the investigation is still open. No one is in custody for this yet, either. Detectives say they can't really trace a patter for the incidents.

These are unsettling details for Dinatali, who says he'll be more watchful. "It would be truly upsetting if one of my boys or me was to get shot," Dinatali said. "Even with something as small as an airsoft gun."

Airsoft guns range in size and appearance, and typically shoot small plastic pellets. While not necessarily lethal, like a real gun, police don't want to risk serious injuries.

Police say based on the injuries, the shooter would be charged with misdemeanors, but if another incident happens with more serious injuries as a result, those charges could be upped to a felony.
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