Drive-by shooting sends Washington news crew running for cover

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. (KFSN) -- Police are searching for the shooters who opened fire near a news crew in Washington while the camera was rolling.

Reporter Kara Kostanish and her photographer were getting ready to record in Mount Vernon, when two cars spend past them. Moments later, they heard the gunfire. Kostanish got into the passenger seat of their Explorer and ducked under the dashboard, while the photographer ran into a nearby home.

"I thought you know what after seeing the pickup trucks that had been hit by gunfire, severe damage had been done," said Kostanish. "Knowing the power of a gun that would do that, I thought I need to get in one of these houses."

The home where the pair ran for cover had been hit by bullets the night before during a shootout between neighbors and multiple vehicles.

Police are now hoping the photographer's footage of the dark green van and silver car will help them catch the people responsible.
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