Sikh Environmental Day celebrated in the Valley

SELMA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Members of the Valley's Sikh community are working to save the planet. Dozens gathered at the Selma temple on Sunday to encourage recycling, eco-friendly habits and tree planting.

This is the fifth year our local community has celebrated Sikh Environmental Day. It aims to teach preservation practices to children and protect the Earth.

"Mother Earth is the mother that takes care of all of us, regardless of the fact whether you are Hindu, whether you are Sikh, whether you are Muslim, or any other religion that you belong to," said Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor, chair of the Human Rights Coalition of the Central Valley.

The Sikh Council says the temple used to have 15 garbage bags a week, but recycling efforts have reduced that to just two. Members hope to spread that practice to the other 12 local temples.

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