Southern California hostage recorded final video of armed chase suspect

DOWNEY, Calif. -- An armed chase suspect who held hostages at a Downey restaurant was captured on video leaving a message for his family before being fatally shot by authorities.

Eddie Tapia bid a final farewell to his family in a video that was recorded on a cellphone belonging to one of the hostages.

Pedro Mata, who did not want to be shown on camera, said that he tried convincing Tapia to turn himself in while he recorded the video.

"It's hard. It's hard. I can see the whole thing replaying, replaying," he said. "I tried to give him encouraging words. Maybe he didn't hear them too much. He talked about his kids a lot. He talked about being in jail a lot, being away from his family."

The 41-year-old gunman admitted to hostages that he was high on meth and was hiding a gun in his pocket. The four hostages, who were all recovering addicts, tried to help Tapia.

But Tapia did not give himself up and instead was shot by authorities after he tried to reach for his gun when SWAT members gained access into the restaurant.

What the hostages witnessed will not be forgotten, especially for Mata who was so close he ended up covered in Tapia's blood.

Mata said the saddest part for him was seeing a father so deep in his addiction. null
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