Suspected drunk driver identified in double fatal crash near Chowchilla

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Action News has new information on the suspected drunk driver accused of killing two people in a crash near Chowchilla. The CHP has now identified the man as Bruce Erickson of Winton. The 65-year-old appeared to be nodding off in a patrol car at the time of his arrest.

Investigators say Erickson was driving a Ford F-350 with an attached trailer when he collided with a raised concrete curb along the northbound Highway 99 on ramp to Minturn Road. The truck launched into the air and landed on top of a Toyota Tacoma, killing the woman who was driving and a man in the passenger seat. The victims were both 28-year-olds from Merced, but authorities have not yet released their names.

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