Suspects arrested after short joy ride in Dinuba

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Three suspects took a short joy ride Tuesday afternoon leading investigators across two counties in what the CHP said is a stolen car.

The chase ended in a Dinuba neighborhood where Ruben Vale said one suspect took off running into his backyard.

"He just ran across the yard and jumped in our backyard and from there ran into our backyard. He tried to jump our neighbors yard but it was too tall so he hid in our shed," said Vale.

The driver 29-year-old Ronald Patala, his girlfriend 23-year-old Jessica Trejo and 47-year-old Michael Arreola, were riding in a car stolen early Tuesday morning according to CHP. Officers spotted the red Honda near Kingsburg prompting a high speed chase that ended in a Dinuba alley. One of the men, Vale said broke through his fence to find cover just before he surrendered to police.

"They all had their guns drawn they were telling him get out get on the floor," said Vale.

The suspects -- investigators said -- sped up to 90 miles per hour at times and even jumped over a canal. Officer Scott Harris said the victim was later reunited with his car but not without some damage.

"For someone who's stealing the car it's not a big deal but for the family that might be their only means of transportation," said Harris.

Patala was a wanted parolee who has served time in prison for assaulting a peace officer. He was charged with two counts of vehicle theft, evading arrest and drug charges. Both passengers are also being charged with resisting arrest and possessing stolen property.

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