Teen shot in Exeter over the weekend recovering at hospital

EXETER, Calif. (KFSN) -- A 14-year-old girl who was shot in Downtown Exeter on Saturday is recovering at the hospital. Friends say she was an innocent victim of a drive-by shooting and she has a bullet in her spine.

Allen, who only wanted to give his first name said, "It makes you mad."

He was working at his tow yard near Pine and F Street and says he heard four gunshots.

One of the bullets, he says, hit his building, "It went through and into the sheet rock of the ceiling," he added.

Another bullet hit a teenage girl. Friends told Action News she is high school freshmen.

Ciara Carpenter said, "She's so small, we were all so scared. She's tiny, she's tiny."

Carpenter says she's been talking with girl on the phone. According to investigators, the victim was walking with two people Saturday night when a car drove up to them and someone inside asked if they "gang bang." They said, "no," the car drove off, made a U-turn and the shots were fired.

Carpenter said, "Innocent person, just walking with her friends, the wrong friends obviously but she got the bullet for it."

The girl was taken to the hospital and she's still there. Another friend, Isaiah Swagerty says she was shot in the back and the bullet is lodged in her spine.

"I was pretty sad," Swagerty said, "I honestly cried that night-- I was really angry."

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office is looking for the car and at least three people who were in it. Witnesses say it was a white, 4 door Oldsmobile and possibly, a model from the '80's.

As for the girl, "She's going to be fine," Carpenter added.

She says her friend couldn't feel her legs at first but she can now. However, the bullet, she says might have to stay where it is.

"She's a good person, she's strong-- she's getting through it," Carpenter said.
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