Teen's driving lesson ends with car into Northwest Fresno apartments

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two apartments in Northwest Fresno are damaged after a car crashed into them on Sunday.

Firefighters say a teen was getting a driving lesson from his parent at the Terrace View complex near Nees and Poplar avenues, when he accidentally hit the gas and backed the vehicle into the building.

Fire officials say one person was inside the bottom unit watching TV at the time of the crash. The car came within a few feet of him, but luckily no one was hurt.

"The fire department is now doing some temporary shoring. We have a balcony that's potentially going to collapse. The main structure on the ground floor is going to be shored up, and we're not able to let anybody into these two apartments until that occurs," said Battalion Chief Kacy Clark with the Fresno Fire Department.

The crash caused about $10,000 in damage to the bottom unit and the one above it. Fire officials say the apartment complex will need to have contractors called out on Monday to finish the repair process.

Authorities encourage parents to use a professional driving instructor to avoid these situations, especially in an apartment complex where driving space is limited.

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