Tensions rise, taser drawn in double murder case

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tensions rose and a taser was drawn as a double murder suspect said he's not guilty in the deaths of two brothers.

A deadly family feud spilled from the streets of Fresno to the corridors of the Fresno County courthouse Tuesday. The courthouse corridors could not contain the emotions, or the volume, of two families with drastically different goals.

"Our brothers ain't never coming back," shouted a woman with the family of Denzel and Willie Ford. "Y'all can visit this ****. Our brothers ain't never coming back."

The Ford family is mourning the teenage brothers shot to death in Northwest Fresno almost two weeks ago.

Police arrested Domenek Greenberry for their murders. He pleaded not guilty Tuesday. His family and the Fords' calmly left the courtroom together, but the peace shattered as soon as they reached the elevators, and sheriff's deputies threatened to use force to separate them.

"Get back. Get back," ordered a deputy as he drew his taser.

"Them two **** want to shoot us," one of the Ford family members yelled back.
The Greenberry faction started eyeballing a defense long before boarding an elevator away from the courthouse confrontation and they revealed some of it during the shouting match.

"Y'all shouldn't have sent them over there shooting," one of them screamed at the Fords. "Y'all shouldn't have sent them over there." In fact, a search warrant Action News uncovered shows Greenberry told police the Ford brothers arrived at the apartment armed with guns.

Family members say the brothers were mad at 19-year-old Greenberry for dating their underage sister.

Detectives did find a silver handgun in the street, right near the Fords' car.
And Greenberry's defense attorney says there may be evidence he acted in self-defense. "There's a lot of shell casings out there," said Scott Baly. "It looks like multiple firearms were recovered at the scene. It's a tragic conflict between people who know each other."

The warrant confirms investigators also got information about a second suspect, Reggie Cannon, running east and jumping a wall to big lots. Police have not arrested Cannon.

So for now the Ford family, which also lost a third brother in July, has only one person to blame for their grief and Domenek Greenberry's family can hear it loud and clear. null
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