Therapist in critical condition after stabbing by rehab patient

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A therapist at a rehab center in southwest Fresno is fighting for her life in the hospital after she was stabbed by a patient, according to police.

The therapist was attacked in her office at the Comprehensive Addiction Programs, Inc. Facility. Lt. Joe Gomez says she was stabbed in the neck, the upper body, her arms and it happened without warning.

"She said it was quick, how they stab people in prison, it was that kind of stabbing," Lt. Gomez added, "just rapid boom, boom, boom and she couldn't even see what he had in his hand."

When officers showed up, the suspect, Raymond White was already gone. Lt. Gomez says he ditched the knife used in the attack and police found him hiding in an abandoned building nearby.

"He didn't resist arrest, we took him into custody so this is either going to be an attempted murder or an assault with a deadly weapon," Gomez said.

As for a motive, it isn't quite clear. According to investigators, White is a parolee and a client at the rehab center. He was in a group meeting Monday afternoon, investigators say he walked over to the therapist's office and moments before the stabbing, they were alone, going over paperwork.

Lt. Gomez said, "it sounds like things were going fine in their conversation, she went to give him some candy, next thing you know...he stabbed her multiple times."

The victim has not been identified. She is in critical condition and the suspect is in jail.
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