Go inside TSA's secret confiscated items room

HOUSTON -- Behind a door in Bush Airport's Terminal B is a room few ever see.

"We get a lot of items here at our checkpoints every day."

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We took a peek inside, and found a lot of knives and other things passengers get caught trying to get through TSA security.

Nearly 9 tons of items are confiscated by TSA every year, some 1,500 pounds a month.

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We picked out a few of the most unusual items to show you. We saw flares, lots of live ammo, a credit card knife, a power tool, and even an S&M whip.

Whenever something is found, the checkpoint has to be shut down. Law enforcement is called to make sure the item is not a real threat.

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These are just some of the guns that Transportation Security Administration officers found in carry-on baggage last year.

That, unfortunately, keeps you in line longer.

Some items, like fake grenades, can cause a complete shutdown.

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A machete confiscated at O'Hare Airport.


The big no-no this holiday? Liquids.

A bottle of alcohol or wine for Thanksgiving can cause lots of headaches and delays at the airport.
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