Thieves targeting businesses on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Thieves are terrorizing businesses on Blackstone Avenue in Fresno, and two of them got caught on camera.

Motion sensor cameras clicked on just in time to catch thieves stealing rims from Jim's Enterprises, a used car lot, early Sunday morning. They cut a hole in the fence and casually walked away with 10 to 12 sets, according to the manager, Alex Karimi.

Karimi said, "They broke in here with ease. They took whatever they wanted. They took their time."

Next door, at California Customs, the owner Nick Badella says he found tools and a flashlight. He believes the same people tried to break in. They cut through glass but couldn't get past the metal security door.

"They got O'Reilly's, the same way they tried to get to me," Badella said. "They're just torturing all of Blackstone."

Inside the shop, Badella has custom rims and priceless cars. "This is my whole life, if they get this, it would be over," he added.

Badella says the thieves are tearing the block apart, stealing car stereos and even scaling the walls to get to air conditioning units. The barbed wire doesn't stop them, and his fence is full of holes from the break-ins.

"The clock is ticking; we need to catch these people," Badella said.

His business is on the line just like the one next door. Fortunately, there is surveillance video -- two people caught on camera, and Badella hopes it's enough to keep them from coming back.
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