Tulare County Deputy sentenced in bribery and sexual assault case

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A former Tulare County Sheriff's Deputy is heading to prison after being accused of forcing women to perform sexual acts in exchange for getting out of a ticket.

Wednesday William Nulick was sentenced to five years in prison for the crimes after accepting a plea deal.

Nulick was hand-cuffed and taken out of court to be transported to prison after a judge sentenced him to five years in prison for sexual assault under the color of authority. The 44-year old was first arrested in 2013 after a woman came forward claiming Nulick had pulled her over and told her she could get out of a ticket if she performed a sexual act for him.

Investigators said at the time her story checked out based on surveillance video and GPS tracking of his patrol car.

On Wednesday, two of Nulick's four victims in the case against him broke down as they spoke through an interpreter in court.

"He humiliated me. He left me dead but I'm still alive," said one victim.

"I want him to pay for what he's done to me. he ruined my whole life," said another.

At the time of the crimes, Nulick was a deputy with the Tulare County Sheriff's Office who was assigned to the rural community of Monson. He struck a plea deal with prosecutors to serve five years in prison -- pleading no contest to two felony counts plus two misdemeanors for inappropriately groping women during a pat down.

Nulick declined speaking in court on Wednesday because of a pending civil lawsuit against him involving the four victims. His attorney tells said he accepted the plea deal to avoid a possible life sentence.

"The resolution of this case was not an admission of guilt. It was a no contest plea which created similar liability for what Mr. Nulick did admit to -- which was accepting a bribe," said Galatea DeLapp, William Nulick's Attorney.

Nulick's attorney said he has accepted responsibility for his conduct and his family is devastated.
The Tulare County District Attorney's Office says the former deputy deserved prison time because he was a in a position of authority and caused life-long trauma to the victims. "He took away their dignity. They're scared of law enforcement. They don't have that trust," said Cindy Underwood, prosecutor.

Prosecutors believe Nulick targeted victims who he felt would be too afraid to report the crimes to law enforcement.
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