Two arrested in connection to Ahwahnee homicide

MADERA COUNTY (KFSN) -- Two people have been arrested in Madera County in connection with the murder of a man in the town of Ahwahnee. The sheriff said great leads and tips from the public are what made this arrest less than 48 hours after the murder happened.

Madera County Sheriff Jay Varney said 28-year-old Craig Fetty and 20-year-old Tiffany Dambrino were arrested for the murder of the 68-year old man. The victim's body was found in his front yard at around 1 a.m. Friday off of Road 600.

Varney said the two suspects and the victim may have had some drug related history together.

"The circumstance surrounding the deceased appears that he died from wounds that inflicted by another person and possibly by a stab wound," he said.

Varney said those wounds were primarily on the back of the victim's head.
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