Two names added to Fresno County Peace Officers Memorial Wall

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The names of two fallen officers have been added to the Fresno County Peace Officers Memorial Wall in Downtown Fresno.

The annual event in Courthouse Park drew hundreds of law enforcement officers and the grieving families of fallen officers.

The names of CHP officers Brian Law and Juan Gonzalez have been added to the wall. Thursday was a day to remember, not only those who died recently but those who lives were cut short decades ago.

On a chilly spring afternoon, Brandon Law laid a flower down for his fallen father, and the family of Juan Gonzalez also remembered the CHP officers killed last year while responding to a call near Selma.

Those who worked alongside the officers all honored their memory Thursday. The officers were two of 13 who died in the line of duty last year in California.

Jim Abrames with the California Highway Patrol said, "The job is dangerous, it's getting worse."

Among the dozens of officers in uniform was Selma Police Officer, Jonathon Hissong. 33 years ago his father, John Hissong died while on duty as a Fresno police officer. Every year, Jonathon attends the ceremony at Courthouse Park, but this year was different.

Hissong said, "To be here in uniform to honor my father whose on that wall, it's a big moment for us. For myself, a very very memorable that I cherish."

This past January, Jonathon was sworn in by a good friend of his father's, Selma Police Chief, Greg Garner.

"It was interesting in the sense that it was like seeing his father again," said Chief Garner. "Besides the resemblance you can hear it in his voie and you can see it in his demeanor."

Chief Garner remembers the elder Hissong well.

A giant man with a giant heart," said Chief Garner. "It was a real tragedy when he died at such a young age and I've known his son since he was born and it was a great opportunity for me to help him fulfill his dream."

Thursday, among the law enforcement family that has supported him all these years, Jonathon couldn't help but think of how his dad would feel seeing him in that navy blue uniform.

Hissong said, "I'm sure he's pretty proud. I'm sure he's very proud of me and my family and being persistent and achieving my goals."

Now 59 names are on this wall dating back to the 1800's.

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