Two thieves who steal from dental office in Northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In Northeast Fresno police said desperate times are fueling a burglary problem.

"A lot of times these suspects are addicted to drugs, they're desperate to feed their habit," said Sgt. Michael Landon, Fresno Police Department.

Sgt. Landon has been tracking the crime-- the most recent hit happened at a dental office on Friday.

After peering in from the darkness a couple of guys broke through the glass, tripping an alarm system and motion sensors-- all too only take two monitors; it was swift but far from graceful.

"One of the suspects cut a wire that was plugged in and got a little shock during the process," said Sgt. Landon.

Both thieves got away, but the surveillance cameras caught a clear picture of one of the suspects.

"Somebody out there knows who these people are," said Sgt. Landon.

As far as statistics go, in this part of the city, this type of crime is nothing new. In the last 28 days there have been 63 burglaries, both commercial and residential. The rate is up 28-percent from this time last year.

On the business side, Sgt. Landon said the targets are random. Many times, the thieves break in not knowing what's inside, but in search of TV's and computers.

The damage, Sgt. Landon said, also tends to outweigh the stolen property.

"Sometimes it's surprising what people will take, they're gonna grab it and then figure out what it's worth later."

In this case, all security measures were by passed, but Sgt. Landon said the video is a key piece of evidence that could easily lead to an arrest.
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