Two-year-old Twins Nearly Drown in Pool

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Emergency crews rushed to the scene near Ramona and Fowler Avenues where twin two-year-olds nearly drowned.

The twins will spend the night at Valley Children's Hospital. The father used one big life-saving measure to try and save his children -- CPR. Officers said he was able to resuscitate both of his children before they were transported to the hospital.

Fresno police say two-year-old twins-- a boy and a girl -- were discovered in a murky pool while they were staying at a family friend's house."It does appear the father found them," Lt. Joe Gomez of the Fresno Police Department said. "I understand he was doing CPR on one of the kids when officers arrived, paramedics arrived here.

Gomez said the father performed CPR on both of the children and was able to get them breathing again. The father told investigators that he and his children were playing in the living room of the house. When he left, he came back and found they were missing.

Upon searching the house, he ultimately realized the two had gone out in the backyard. "There's a sliding glass door right there in the living room, you open the door and there's the pool," Gomez said. "We don't know if the door was left open or how the children got out."

Gomez said once the father got to the backyard he found his daughter face up, floating in the pool. His son was in the deep-end. Officers said the man pulled the two-year-olds out of the water which was hard to see through. "we don't know how long they were in the pool, I went back to the pool it's very murky," Gomez said. "Very hard to see anybody in there."

Officers said there is no gate or alarm system by the pool. Neighbors were saddened to hear of the incident. Jerry Raber said he saw the chaotic scene when paramedics arrived. "They got their gurneys out and they were hoofing it to get to them," Raber said. "And when they got the kids they put them on the gurney and hoofed it out of here."

Police say the little girl is expected to survive, but her brother is listed in guarded condition and is still being treated in Valley Children's Hospital's intensive care unit.
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