Valley health care providers skeptical of ACA replacement

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Trump Administration's health care proposal is getting a skeptical review from health providers in the Central Valley.

The health care providers and agencies overseeing the Valley's medical care are coming together to try and figure out how the Trump Administration's plan for healthcare will affect Valley residents.

Diana Dooley is the head of the California Department of Health and Human Services, and she says many will lose coverage and others will pay a lot more.

"It won't be better than it is, it's quite clear," she said.

The message here was not good news.

"The Congressional Budget Office estimates 14 million people will lose coverage and premiums in the individual market will increase 20 percent each of the next two years," she said.

Over the next 10 years, it's estimated 24 million nationwide will lose their coverage. Congressman Jim Costa says the Trump Administration's claims that more people will be covered for less money is clearly in dispute.

"That simply doesn't own up to the facts, but I don't know, maybe we are in a day and age when we have alternative facts," he said.

In the Central Valley, Costa estimates half a million residents will lose Medi-Cal coverage - including preventative care, mental health and substance abuse.

While the Trump plan proposes to save the federal government money, the costs will be pushed back to local communities.

"Putting people back into an emergency room as their first source of care doesn't make lives better for anyone," Dooley said.

Costa predicts the Republican controlled house will pass the health care measure, but notes at least six Republicans in the Senate may join Democrats in opposing the plan.

The health care providers in the Valley will be waiting to see what happens.
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