Vandalism incidents hit Northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police are investigating a string of vandalism incidents in Northeast Fresno.

It was Christmas Day and Darren Tali got a holiday surprise he wasn't expecting at his Muscle Max store.

"Nothing was stolen, but there was just glass inside the store, river rocks all the way toward the back of the store. It was just a mess," said Tali. "And being that we have a tanning salon in the back also, cleaning up the shards of glass took about all day."

Surveillance video from a nearby business shows a suspect driving up, making a motion toward the store and then quickly driving away. They believe whoever it was acted alone and meant to cause substantial damage.

Fresno police say the suspect used river rocks to smash in the windows and vandalize the store.

Muscle Max wasn't the only place that was hit. Rod Aluisi Real Estate's door frame was dented. Just a mile away a home near East Omaha and North Backer, and a BMW near North Millbrook and East Cole was also smashed with river rocks.

"It's not usual for us to see a river rock used in a burglary to break a window, but it's very unusual to see river rocks thrown through windows and then no attempt at entry made," said Fresno Police Lt. Don Gross.

Some victims believe they know who it is but don't have enough evidence to point fingers yet. Fresno police are looking into several leads but need the public's help to identify a suspect.

"It looked like someone had it out for us because none of the other businesses in the area were hit; it was just solely this store," said Tali.

Fresno police say the estimated damage totals are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

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