Vandals tag Los Banos high school with Donald Trump's name

LOS BANOS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Vandals tagged Donald Trump's name all over a high school in Los Banos, Thursday morning. School officials aren't sure whether it was a prank or something meant to be hurtful but they believe students are responsible.

By the time Donald Trump's name was wiped off the buildings at Los Banos High School, students had already captured photos and posted them to social media.

'Trump' was scribbled in chalk, on the doors, lockers, the sidewalk and even on the trash cans.

Aaron Rodriguez who is a student said, "I just think kids in this generation need to grow up."

There was also a derogatory phrase, aimed at Senator Ted Cruz and across the gymnasium wall, Trump's slogan, 'Make America Great Again,' was tagged in paint.

"This is how it starts," said Joaquin Cortez who is a parent, "this is nothing but negative stuff promoted by Trump."

He says the worst part was in smaller letters, spelling out, 'Build a Wall.' He says it's hateful, given the day the tagging happened, which was Cinco de Mayo and the amount of Hispanic students at the school.

"It's gonna insult or people are gonna get offended by it, honestly, it's just a bad day," Cortez said.

Assistant Superintendent, Paul Enos says he's not sure if it was racially or politically motivated. He says it's definitely vandalism and a couple of students were caught on camera doing it with masks on. However, no one has been caught.

Enos said, "this is not something the kids normally do."

He says it was likely students from another school and if it was meant to be a prank, it went too far, "We're disappointed, we don't condone this in any way," Enos added.

If the students are caught, the school district says there will be consequences - at the very least, they could face suspension.
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