Woman stalked by driver after road rage incident

AUSTIN, TX -- An Austin woman who captured a road rage incident on camera said the move led to her being stalked through her neighborhood by the angry driver.

Julie Nowlin tells KVUE in Austin it all began when she pulled out her cell phone to snap a photo of a reckless driver's license plate. She says the driver crossed the yellow lines, drove in the bike lane and intimidated other drivers, passing extremely close to their vehicles.

So when Nowlin pulled out her phone, she says the man saw her in his rear-view mirror and pulled over. The video shows him confronting Nowlin and her 4-year-old daughter in their car.

With her phone's camera capturing everything, the man spits on her windshield, and then curses at her, whipping insults and making obscene gestures outside the car.

Nowlin said the man pulled over and got out three different times. She says she tried to get away, calling 911 as she drove.

"He proceeded to try to follow me, chased me around the neighborhood at high speeds, almost hit a lady jogger," she said.

Nowlin eventually lost the man, but says she was holed up in a Starbucks for two hours, waiting for the police to arrive.

Nowlin said, "I'm shaking right now talking about it, it was horrible. ... I was just running for my life, I didn't know what to do."

Now, Nowlin hopes people who have reported similar incidents will come forward to help the police catch him.

Police say they can't give any further information due to the ongoing investigation.
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