Visalia couple in court for second day in child abuse case

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Visalia couple was in court for the second day in their preliminary hearing. They're both facing charges of child abuse in a case where the woman's son died.

It was another day on the witness stand for child abuse expert Dr. Frederic Bruhn. The pediatrician was cross examined by both Trevor Bishop and Desie Horton's defense attorneys.

The Tulare County District Attorney's office is presenting evidence in the case to show they have enough to go to trial. Bishop is charged with murder and child abuse leading to a death.

Investigators say he beat Horton's 3-year-old son Jimmy in March 2013 causing a severe head injury that ultimately led to Jimmy's death last February. Horton is accused of not doing enough to protect her son. Dr. Bruhn again went over pictures of bruises on the child.

Thursday's testimony revealed that Bishop told investigators he was swinging Jimmy up over his head and back down when the boy started acting strange. He also told them the boy fell in the bathtub earlier that day. Dr. Bruhn says the bath tub fall wouldn't have caused the boy's head injury.

Dr. Bruhn said, "Short falls don't cause significant injuries."

Defense attorneys asked if Jimmy had broken bones. Dr. Bruhn says the boy's medical records didn't show any.

The preliminary hearing will continue Friday morning.

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