Warm temperatures causing a gnat problem in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Warm temperatures probably have you swatting at a pesky problem. If you're finding an abundance of gnats around your house and backyard- you're not alone!

It seems the pesky pests are everywhere. Clovis resident David Sexauer says "They're around all the time you notice when they're in your water, wine, every time you see them you're covering your cup up".

They're fungus gnats. They love moisture, things like wet leaves and flower beds. Lately, we've given them a lot of reasons to breed early.

Bob Hill of B & D Pest Control says, "the rain we had, what little bit of rain we had and then it getting hot all of a sudden". Hill has been fielding a lot of phone calls about the gnats lately. Mainly people are wondering why they seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and started "invading houses".

To make matters worse, they're small enough to sneak in. "There's not a lot you can do about it, search out the source, get rid of rotting fruit or decaying material in the yard".

He says there's no cure all spray. "People need to check their flower beds for decaying debris, leaves and such, rotting fruit in the yard, stuff like that- keep the windows closed".

They're also attracted to house plants with wet soil. Experts suggest letting that soil dry out a bit before you water again, and make sure there's no standing water. Not in your backyard, not in your house. As for David Sexauer - he's hoping his new Clovis home comes without any uninvited guests. "I'll take Bob's expertise and do whatever I need to do to treat them".

The good news is the gnats don't bite, and they won't last that long. They should go away once things dry out a bit, and probably, heat up a lot more. null
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