Wife speaks out on husband's deadly motorcycle crash in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Edward Jiminez, 50, was killed near Selma when officers say he attempted to pass another motorcycle near the intersection of Nebraska and De Wolf avenues. That motorcyclist was also critically hurt in the collision that threw them both off their bikes.

Jiminez had been riding motorcycles for decades. He was an experienced rider who his wife said always practiced safety. She was worried when she woke up to see he wasn't home from work, then she saw his 'one of a kind' helmet on the news at the scene of a deadly crash.

Annette Jiminez last spoke to her husband just before he got off work Tuesday morning.

"He was in a really good mood and I told him ok, you be careful and I love you, and I will see you in a little bit," explained Annette.

California Highway Patrol officers say at this point, investigators believe Jiminez clipped another motorcycle as he attempted to pass it.

Axel Reyes with the California Highway Patrol said, "During the pass at some point it appears the second motorcycle lost control and then they basically collided with each other, which sent them, they both lost control of their bikes, both being ejected from their bikes."

Annette woke up Tuesday morning to discover her husband wasn't home, so she turned on the news and saw a fatal motorcycle crash in Selma. Even worse, she recognized some of the debris scattered along the road. So she began making phone calls and received a call back from a deputy coroner.

"And she said was your husband wearing a black leather jacket and I said yes, and I go I seen his helmet on the road and she said I am so sorry," said Annette. "And I said no, my husband was coming home. He said he would be home in a little bit and he wanted to go hunting."

Eddie Jiminez was an avid hunter, he spent all day Monday hunting dove and intended to go out again Tuesday.

"He loved to fish and hunt, he was like a mountain man, he liked to do all that outdoors stuff," said Annette.

Everyday Annette packed Eddie a lunch for work -- she says they were old fashioned like that. Recently the couple began the process of remodeling their home together. They had so many plans that she has no idea how she will complete without him.

Annette added, "And now my husband is not going to come home to me, he's not going to come home to me anymore."

Jiminez is survived by four sons. The other motorcycle rider who was critically hurt was one of his friends.

If you're interested in making a donation to help the family, here's the account information:

Educational Employees Credit Union
Account # 11907680
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