Valley businesses hoping to stay afloat amid looming stay home order

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Best friends Angelica and Rosy just had one last pedicure at Heavenly Nail and Spa before the nail salon is forced to close by end of business on Sunday.

"When we heard about the shutdown, we were asking ourselves what we should do," Rosy said. "I said, 'Let's just spend some time and go get our nails done.'"

But it also means supporting a small business.

Thanh Nguyen owns Heavenly Nails in North Fresno. It's been a rough year and now the new stay home order is threatening the future of his business.

"It is hard to maintain a business when we don't know what is going to happen next," he said.

He will have to stay closed for at least three weeks - and this time he won't be able to operate outdoors.

"I don't think it is right because there hasn't been a true outbreak at a nail salon," he said.

Retail stores will remain open but will have to reduce their indoor capacity to 20%.

With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, some stores at River Park like Bath and Body Works are already seeing long lines.

The new order could mean increased wait times.

"Additionally, all gatherings are supposed to stop, private and community events," says Madera County Public Health Director Sara Bosse.

As for restaurants like Bobby Salazar's in Northeast Fresno, it's back to take out and delivery only.

"Everyone has felt very safe," says owner Suzie Riofrio. "We haven't had any issues here, no problems. It is hard to see that they are going to take that away from us again."

Riofrio already posted a sign on her front door warning customers of the impending changes to the restaurant.

While upset, she's looking at the bright side of things - her customers continued support and the help from her landlord.

"We are just so grateful for everything she has done for us," she said.

While the state is mainly leaving it to local leaders to enforce the order, Newsom said on Thursday that there will be consequences for counties that fail to cooperate.
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