49er Insider David Lombardi breaks down San Francisco's 2020 Draft Picks

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The San Francisco 49ers traded away their second, third, and fourth-round picks, making for what Lombardi is calling a "sandwich draft," something that is pretty rare in the NFL Draft.

"Two first-round picks, two trades on day one," He said. "Then day three - three separate trades, three picks, replaced an all-pro LT for another all-pro LT. Just a crazy amount of activity, but they didn't do anything, zero picks, on day two."

The 49ers stuck with their primary focus, which is the defensive line. In the first round, they selected Javon Kinlaw, a defensive tackle out of South Carolina.

"It was essentially a positional swamp right there," Lombardi said. "Kinlaw is in for Buckner, and it saves them a lot of money because Buckner was about to cost them $20 million per year. That was the priority. That was the focus."

San Francisco let wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders walk in free agency; he is now with the New Orleans Saints. To fill that void, they used their second pick in the first round on Brandon Aiyuk out of Arizona State.

"He's a special unique athlete in that he's only 6 feet tall," Lombardi said. "He's got an 81-inch wingspan. In comparison, Calvin Johnson had an 82-inch wingspan. They got a guy that has the quickness, wingspan, and speed on the outside."

Jumping ahead to the 7th round, the team chose another wideout: Jauan Jennings out of Tennessee.

"This is crazy," Lombardi said. "Pro Football Focus did a mock draft had Jauan Jennings going in the first round."

Jennings had some character issues in college that caused him to fall in the draft, but San Francisco believes in him as a player.

"He's a yack monster, yards after catch, dragging guys into the end zone, big-bodied receiver," Lombardi said. "They really think they unearthed a gem that has the hunger to win. We'll see if they're right."

In the sixth round, San Francisco selected Charlie Woerner, a tight end out of Georgia. Lombardi explains that he'll be used in a different role than the way George Kittle is used.

"He only had 34 catches in colleges, it makes sense they're not asking him to go out there and make a lot of catches," Lombardi said. "They're asking him to block and be a receiving threat."

After the draft ended, Fresno State's Josh Hokit inked an undrafted free agent contract with the 49ers. Hokit not only played running back but is an All-American wrestler.

"I think that the 49ers were just enamored with the fact that he's such a versatile athlete, Lombardi said. "Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch did pound the pavement for him, outbidding the Bills and Falcons. I don't think they would've fought so hard for him if they didn't think he would make the team.
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