Valley Children's take care of the little patients in their NICU unit

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Life with three-year-old triplets is never boring for the Dupree family. There's Derek, Devin, and little Davin. The boys keep mom and dad busy.

The family's medical journey began when they found out Denise Dupree was pregnant.

"So she's like so there are two babies in the first sac and we're like--hmm. And then she says, then there's baby three!"

"Oh my goodness, oh man, I know there are three peas in a pod man, but oh my goodness," said Derek Dupree.

The boys were born seven weeks early, two of the babies weighing in at two pounds, the third just one pound.

The Dupree triplets were transferred to Valley Children's Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The hospital has the only level four NICU in the Central Valley and was recently ranked as one of the best children's hospitals in the country in neonatology.

Dr. Mario Rojas, the NICU Medical Director, said, "We take care of our neonatal babies but they have a lot of additional problems. They might require pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, genetics, all these subspecialties help us take good quality care of our babies so that's why important to have a Level 4 where we can do that."

Medical experts here have saved babies weighing less than a pound.

"We're doing very well in babies at 25 weeks, those babies are the best with respect to survival, their survival in the 80th percent," said Dr. Rojas.

Dr. Rosas said the NICU is focused on family-centered care. The Dupree's were encouraged to touch and bond with their babies.

The boys are now curious and thriving in their Merced home-- and the Dupree's are forever grateful.
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