Michigan police officer saves 2-year-old from being hit by truck

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019
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Dashcam video shows officer saving little girl's life, moments before she was hit by an on-coming garbage truck.

ALPENA, Mich. -- Dashcam video shows a Michigan State Police officer saving a toddler from the street as an oncoming dump truck barreled towards the child.

The incredible rescue was captured on video in Alpena, Mich., on Friday, May 24.

On the footage you can see the 2-year-old run into the street when the officer, identified as Sgt. Richards, is seen sweeping the child out of the street and carrying them back to the side of the road.

Moments later, a truck blows through the frame, almost right where the child stood.

The child's mother said she lost sight of the toddler for just a few seconds.

The toddler was returned to her mother unharmed.