Northwest Fresno sees major growth along Herndon corridor

Dirt is moving and new buildings are going up quickly in Northwest Fresno.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Dirt is moving and new buildings are going up quickly in Northwest Fresno.

"Development has really intensified over the last year. There's significant growth in residential and commercial development occurring," said Jennifer Clark, Fresno Planning and Development Director.

Jennifer Clark is the planning and development director for the City of Fresno and has seen more permit requests.

With more homes being built and more people comes more development like the one at Herndon and Brawley, which is home to Tractor Supply and Dutch bros

A Chipotle is also being built.

"With change people are going to be concerned. Every time we do a new project, there has to be a series of studies and reports. A traffic study is what caused the developer to pay for that traffic signal. That saved the city about $600,000," said Mike Karbassi, Fresno City Councilmember.

Councilmember Mike Karbassi says while these projects may change the look of Northwest Fresno, leaders are trying to listen to resident concerns.

He says there's a balance.

"There are good consequences and bad. More traffic, but then again more commercial opportunities, more jobs, more shopping," Karbassi said.

There are restrictions for buildings that can be built near Sierra Sky Park. A gas station was approved and grandfathered into before regulations began.

Heading along Herndon Avenue, new buildings and eateries are filling space.

The El Paseo shopping center has grown considerably.

"Generally speaking there are a lot of offices that are coming up, some commercial shops and restaurants, Costco has submitted an application for an entitlement that's probably a couple years out," Clark said.

Officials believe once veteran's boulevard is built, it will create more access to amenities and create revenue for the city.
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