'Note of regret' from deputy who tried to stop Fresno Co. Jail shooter

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jail lobby video caught the confrontation leading up to the first shots from thong vang as he refused orders to leave a restricted area.

After the first gunshot hit correctional Officer Juanita Davila, an emergency response team rushed into the lobby, including Sergeant Christopher Curran.

In a courtroom Wednesday, Curran described the chaos to a lawyer.
Curran: "He was clearly a threat."
Lawyer: "And that's why you used your taser?"
Curran: "That's correct."
Lawyer: "Is that an appropriate time, based on your training, to use your taser?"
Curran: "I should've used... That's what I had, and yes, it's appropriate."

Officer Malama Scanlan also tried to use his taser on vang, and video from the weapon shows vang turning the gun on him.

Curran says the suspect tried to shoot him too, "I was fired upon two to three times by the defendant as well as when I was trying to get a lock on him to deploy my taser. You can see me moving. I'm just trying not to be a still target."

Curran left to get a lethal weapon, but vang gave up before he could arm himself.

Officer Davila suffered a fractured jaw and Officer Scanlan suffered catastrophic injuries that paralyzed him.

Attorneys expect the case to wrap up next week, and Vang will testify in his own defense before it's over.
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