Extra officers watching for impaired drivers in Fresno County over Super Bowl weekend

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Sunday, February 12, 2023
Extra officers watching for impaired drivers in Fresno County over Super Bowl weekend
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Officers will be out in full force looking for impaired driver on the roadways across Fresno County.

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Super Bowl Sunday is a time where people get together and enjoy time with one another.

There also concerns over those who get behind the wheel after drinking.

Clovis Police Officer AJ Ferguson says the department is prepared for a busy night.

"Normally you're gonna have about 11 to 12 patrol officers that are handling every day calls for service. Having the extra two officers, three officers is gonna take staffing levels to about 15. Those extra officers are solely focused on DUIs," said Officer Ferguson.

Officer Ferguson says having those extra officers on the streets will hopefully discourage people from drinking and driving.

According to the Clovis Police Department, a DUI can cost upwards of $10,000.

"You add alcohol into the mix, the likelihood for fatal is greatly increased," explained Officer Ferguson.

Hours before the game, a fatal accident happened Sunday morning.

CHP Sergeant Timothy Ray says officers were called to Elkhorn and Dickerson Avenue in Fresno County.

He says a 16-year-old boy was ejected from a vehicle and died on scene.

"The driver was subsequently arrested for DUI and has pending charges," said Sgt. Ray.

Sgt. Ray says these type of incidents are preventable with ride share services.

"It's just not worth it. It's a senseless loss of life," he explained.

He says the CHP will have extra officers on the highways Sunday evening, ensuring people stay safe.

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