Old Town Clovis farmer's market is back on

The Old Town Clovis Saturday morning farmer's market is now back in business.

The event usually happens year round, but it's been shut down since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The market is allowed to take place because essential items are sold there.

But new rules and guidelines were enforced on Saturday.

Booths were required to set up at least six feet apart and provide appropriate spacing for customers to wait in line.

While the crowds were smaller overall, several shoppers did show up to buy fresh produce and support their local vendors.

"We came with 24 jars of tangelo juice ready to be bought and they were sold out in the first 20 minutes," said Adrian Weddington of Weddington Farms.

Clovis Mayor Drew Bessinger added:
"We hope that this is the beginning of a normal period."

The farmer's market also set up hand washing units on the street for patrons to use.

The city hopes to hold larger markets as the season progresses.
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