Fresno County man's yard is site of over 20 car crashes in last 50 years

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno County man has made a desperate plea to bring change to his street and save lives before disaster strikes again on Olive and Fancher.

87-year-old Everett Davies says he has witnessed more than 20 car accidents unfold on his street - all coming to a crashing halt right on his property.

Davies is undaunted and he still has hope something will change.

Davies has lived at his residence for more than 50 years.

There are signs on the road meant to slow down traffic but do little for the oncoming driver.

"That's the only sign that tells you there's dead end. Nothing there tells you you're coming to a dead end street. It's too late."

Last week, a car barreled through Davies' yard, taking out his gate. Over the years, others have rammed right through his kitchen and den. But another car came crashing through only months ago.

"The stop sign is hidden. You see the pole, especially at night, hardly know it till you hit it."

"Took out everything through here. Took out a tree just like this one. There's some part of it laying over here."

Davies has been enraged over the situation for years and is fed up. He's spoken with CHP officers and the county but says his street does not qualify for changes.

Another resident told us she's seen this happen several times to Davies.

"This is probably the third or fourth crash I've seen in my adult life which is really crazy for him to deal with," she said.

County Supervisor Nathan Magsig represents that stretch of road. He says his office is now looking into the matter.

"Currently Fresno County is looking at this particular intersection. We are going to be working with our engineering department and identify any additional traffic safety measures."
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