Omicron surge in Central California continues despite slowdown in other parts of state

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "It's not fun to come down with this bug."

Dr. Rais Vohra -- speaking from experience Wednesday afternoon.

He says the omicron variant is spreading quickly throughout Central California even though other parts of the state are seeing some relief.

"Just keep that in mind that we're still experiencing this, this major surge across the country and here in the county of Fresno," he said.

To see the impact, just look at the hospitals.

Many still experiencing major staffing shortages and lack of bed space for patients.

The primary goal right now is to help the hospitals and county officials say they do have a plan.

"We believe we could open up close to 100 more beds in the Fresno area if we have the staffing available to get in here to do that," says Fresno County EMS Director Dan Lynch.

Wednesday showed a new concern -- false, or questionable, COVID testing sites.

Officials are urging you to do your homework on so-called independent pop-up testing sites.

"We don't want you to fall prey to unscrupulous vendors who may not be above board in terms of the test that they're offering or the answers that they're giving you," Dr. Vohra said. "Because that information is almost worse than having no information."

The Health Department has a list of credible testing sites in the area on its website.

Officials also said they recently gave out all 37,000 of the tests the county received for vulnerable populations in just three hours.

If you have an at-home test that says it's expire, don't throw it away until you've checked the FDA's website. The brand of test might have been approved to be used past its marked expiration date.
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