Oprah on presidential run rumors, Trump's tweet: 'You don't win by meeting any kind of negativity head-on'

Oprah is clearing up the rumors once and for all: She is definitely not running for president, no matter what President Donald Trump says.

"Where do I look into the camera?" she asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday before saying slowly, "I am definitely not running for president."

She added, ''It's a humbling thing to have people think that you can run the country."

Kimmel brought up the president's tweet in which he called her insecure and mocked her, asking her to run so she could lose.

Oprah said she'd been informed of the tweet by director Ava Duvernay, who she recently worked with in A Wrinkle in Time.

"She said 'Check your feed' and I went, 'Oh no no, no, really?'"

When asked if she ever thought of responding, Oprah replied, "Not [for] a second ... You don't win by meeting any kind of negativity head-on."

The rumors that Oprah would run for president began after her stirring speech about the #MeToo movement at the Golden Globes. After she gave it, she immediately began trending with many fans using #Oprah2020. The media mogul said that she never expected her speech to be received the way it was.

"Reese [Witherspoon] and I were walking off and I went 'Oh, that's done,' and I thought it was over," she told Kimmel. "I was just happy, [saying] 'Oh now I'm going to have some tequila.'"

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