New app helps local restaurants serve up mobile orders and deliveries

It's getting easier for local restaurants and businesses to serve up mobile orders and delivery services.

The local provider Ordrslip is teaming up with Square Incorporated to allow customers a convenient way to swipe and go.

Until now, it's been somewhat expensive for smaller eateries to compete with the marketing and financial means of large chain restaurants.

Ordrslip has partnered with the point of sales business, Square to offer flat fees for businesses to provide mobile orders to hungry customers.

"It's $150 for a month's subscription, $1,000 implementation fee, it's quite affordable for a quick service restaurant just trying to keep up with the bigger restaurants," said Ordrslip Product Manager Miguel Alarcon.

So far, 100 locations are using the service that was launched locally and born at Bitwise.

Local businesses like Los Panchos and Butterfish in Fresno are just a few using the service.

It's quick and easy for customers. Restaurants like Quesadilla Gorilla set it up on their website and meal time is just a few clicks away from any computer or smart phone.

If the business wants to offer delivery there's an option for that too on the app.

For restaurants like Kikku, the service is worth the extra business it draws in.

During the busy lunch rush, people can order online and just pick it up. The new and upgraded option for customers hits the Square App Marketplace on November 1.