Orosi High tied for the highest graduation rate in all of Tulare County

OROSI, Calif. (KFSN) -- Orosi High is celebrating its 98.7 percent graduation rate.

"We are very, very proud that our students are taking up the challenge and that our students are dreaming. Our students are dreaming about their future," said Yolanda Valdez, the Cutler-Orosi Superintendent.

It's tied for the highest in the entire county, and it is significantly higher than the state average of 80-percent.

"Getting to the highest graduation rate didn't happen by chance, it happened through hard work and dedication,' said Roberto Vaca, Principal of Orosi High School.

The district says getting here, was a community effort. Staff along with student programs and services are all working together to help students achieve new heights when it comes to education.

School Board president of Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified Eddie Valero said, "By working together we are able to say that teamwork makes the dream work."

They're not just breaking records, their also breaking barriers.

"We are graduating 96 percent of our Hispanic population, but what's more impressive than that is that 94 percent of our English language learners are graduating," said Valdez.

Graduation rates have steadily increased over the years at the school. A new science building and football stadium, still under construction, are also motivating students to do better.

Just last year the number of students who completed their requirements jumped from 36 to 51 percent.

"We have systems in place that continue to allow our students to have a great chance of breaking that cycle of poverty via education," said Vaca.

Even though they're at the top, staff says it's still not enough -- their next goal is to reach 100-percent.
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