Israel-Palestine protests in north Fresno get heated

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A confrontation between Palestinian and Israeli supporters in North Fresno echoed the tension in the Middle East.

Flags waved from both sides of Blackstone Thursday afternoon.

On one side of the intersection, dozens stood in solidarity with Palestine.

"Killing people will not make you good people. Taking the land of others will not make you good people," said Palestinian supporter Awwad Alhaj.

On the other side were supporters of Israel holding signs demanding peace.

Fresno police, however, soon had to intervene as supporters crossed the street.

One waved a Palestinian flag within the group of those supporting Israel.

Others drove by and yelled from a car while arguments between the groups spilled onto the street, causing officers to temporarily close a portion of the road.

The rally comes hours after Israel announced a ceasefire agreement with Hamas and ending an 11 day war that cost hundreds of lives.

A decision both sides said is best.

"We're very happy that bloodshed will stop and hopefully it will go better than before," Palestinian supporter Jamal Alhaj said.

"I hope it holds. We don't want loss of life. When you have Hamas firing rockets into Israel, Israel is going to defend itself," Fresno City councilmember and Israel supporter, Garry Bredefeld said.

Others, however, don't think the agreement will be the solution to the longstanding battle.

"I'm glad there's a ceasefire this will save lives, but it doesn't solve anything," Israel Supporter John Somerville said.

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