Parlier Police save baby from hot car

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A child was accidentally locked in a pickup truck in Parlier Wednesday with no air conditioning, and the police had to be called out to help.

The parent says that they had placed the little boy in his car seat and shut the door and that's when they realized that the doors were locked and the only key was inside the car.

The parent then called the Parlier Police Department for help. When officers arrived, they saw that in the few minutes the child was locked inside, he was already dripping in sweat. The temperature at that time (around 4:30 pm) was well over 100 degrees and the interior of the truck was even hotter.

So officers decided to carefully break the driver's window to unlock the doors.

Paramedics checked the child and determined that he was in good health.

The Parlier Police say the parent did the right thing by quickly calling for help. The department also urges anyone that sees a child alone in a vehicle to act quickly and call for help.
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