Parlier residents still feeling impact of Sunday's downpour

PARLIER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Parlier residents are still feeling the impacts of Sunday's downpour as the damage is still being assessed for two homes that had their basements filled with water.

The moments of chaos have passed, but for Rebecca Alvarez and Abel Ruiz who's home has severe flood damage, the cleanup continues.

"It took us two days to pump the water out," said homeowner Abel Ruiz.

They along with several other residents are still reeling after Sunday's storm, hoping something can be done before the next one hits.

"It took about an hour for the water from all the surrounding areas coming down into our area and then we saw the streets just rise quickly," said homeowner Rebecca Alvarez.

Insurance is still assessing flood damage.

"It's frustrating being a homeowner working hard for your money," said Alvarez.

At Thursday night's council meeting, many impacted by the storm said they didn't feel support from the city.

"The city does the best that we can. we do only have 5 public works employees and we don't have all the resources to help the entire community when situations like this happen," said the mayor of the City of Parlier Alma Beltran.

Mayor Beltran says they have a plan in the works to upgrade storm drains.

The city will apply for state funding for the $700,000 project with the hopes of completing it by the end of 2020.
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